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Honest Grapes

Everything there is to know about us

Well, there we were: a mix of wine enthusiasts, wine professionals, and friends bemoaning how difficult it is to find a website which offers a wide selection of great value, quality wines, at reasonable prices. And when we say reasonable prices, we all meant something fair and equitable – not the usual inflated mark ups, false discounts and BOGOFs that are so prevalent in retail these days.

We also wanted a website that had a community feel with fun social tasting events; a back-to-basics, no nonsense, exciting approach to such a glorious product.

The discussion continued through supporting independent growers, small wineries, producers who consider the wine’s character and value more than volume and branding, not to mention the hardworking agents and small importers who work tirelessly to bring such wines to a wider audience. It moved on to different wine varieties and styles, from the mid-week thirst-quenchers to the once-a-year treats.

We toured France, Italy, Spain and Portugal, picked up a few friends in Germany, Austria and Greece before heading to the New World to find wines from South Africa, the Americas and Antipodes. Returning home, we picked up some of the best homegrown wines from the UK.

Passions flared as favourites were promoted and tales were told. Then some bright spark said “Put your money where your mouth is”.

So, we did. And the result is, Honest Grapes - the quality wine marketplace. We’re pretty proud to be a part of it; we rather hope you will be too.

Meet the Team

What makes the Honest Bunch


Tom Harrow

Tom is our WineChap. With fifteen years in the business, writing, buying, selling and hosting great events, he is a jack of all (wine) trades and trying to master a few of them. Tom has tried a large spectrum of excellent wines from all over the world and is delighted to have lined up so many of them here for you to enjoy.

Favourite food and wine combo

His legendary 6-meat, truffled lasagne with an old Barolo.


Nathan Hill

Our Chairman's a prolific angel investor who has advised, started and invested in many a company. He’s passionate about wine, WSET qualified and runs wine tastings for business, friends and charity as well as travelling the world in search of the perfect wine. He’s far happier with a well priced decent quality wine than anything too fancy. As a scientist, he brings structure and rigour to our company processes. Yessir!

Favourite food and wine combo

Roast leg of lamb and a lovely Pinot Noir from Burgundy, Oregon or New Zealand sets Nathan aquiver! For easy drinking, a pleasantly saline Picpoul de Pinet with some canapes will do, thanks.

Malcolm Hunt

Malcolm Hunt

Malcolm is our CFO. New to the wine trade but with rather more years experience in accounting and finance than he would like to admit, he has the responsibility of keeping the company and the team up to date and aware of the less interesting financial side of life. Outside of finance he is our resident Divemaster, and also a keen rugby fan constantly dragging people along to matches.

Favourite food and wine combo

At the risk of sounding like Rumpole of the Bailey, a big roast dinner with all the trimmings accompanied by a nice but good value claret.


Claire McKinney

Claire’s your typical fine wine merchant: born in one land, raised in another, several languages under her belt, and lends an air of refinement to any office. If only! Her youthful energy belies an encyclopaedic knowledge which is an invaluable resource made available to our Grand Crew clients. “Clara” helps source high-end wines from European estates, as well as commend the new and noteworthy from her native US.

Favourite food and wine combo

After living in France for a few years, her favourite dish is now Chicken and mushrooms in a creamy St. Marcellin cheese sauce paired with a Saumur Breze Chenin Blanc. Yum!


Christian McLarnon

Christian is our ‘go to’ chap for all of our Premier Crew members. Both Membership manager and Personal wine advisor means answering questions on all aspects of the humble grape, providing recommendations and making sure our members don’t miss out on our many events. He likes to get to know everyone’s tastes and loves the challenge of not only getting his wine choices spot on but providing some inspiration when needed. Christian is always around for a friendly chat so get in touch – and that goes for our Friends too!

Favourite food and wine combo

His mother’s secret recipe fish pie accompanied by a glass of good white Burgundy or a butterflied leg of Salt Marsh lamb cooked slowly on the BBQ with a fine Rioja Reserva – delicious!


Will Burgess

Originally trained as a Classical musician, Will now orchestrates our many events throughout the year from wine pairings with furniture to large tastings at the Ritz! His passion for wine was sparked by a road trip throughout France and he is now WSET qualified.

Favourite food and wine combo

Will is a sucker for a glass of sweet Tokaji Aszú and a platter of funky cheese.


Bree Errington

Bree came to us by way of getting stuff sorted out for a chain of coffee shops. Biologist by training, charming pragmatist by nature, she’s the level-headed dynamo behind the imports of crowd funded wines, stock management and deliveries. It’s very rare you’ll see her outside of her natural environment of buying wines for the company, but we’re always pleased when she is.

Favourite food and wine combo

Addicted to ramen in rich broth, with a rounded white wine to cleanse the pallet for the next mouthful.


Theresa Harrow

Our photographer who takes the snaps of bottles so you can see what you’re buying, along with making sure the site looks lovely and sumptuous. You’ll see her at our events snapping away: So remember. Smile! You’re on camera.

Favourite food and wine combo

Theresa is Swedish, so usually it’s some weird drink that’s been concocted in the family’s backyard. When it comes to wine, she gets all civilised and loves nothing better than a crisp Sancerre with shellfish galore.